Bell vs Booker

AbortionBelieves abortion is tragic and supports the House-passed bill to prevent the practice after a baby is 20 weeks in the womb as well as Sen. Rand Paul's bill giving the unborn constitutional protection through the 14th amendmentRemoved the word "rare" from "safe, legal and rare" in Democratic platform, opposes all restrictions on abortion, including Partial Birth Abortion Ban
MarriageViews marriage of one man and one woman as foundation of society and believes voters, not courts, should get to define itCompared those who favor democratic approach to defining marriage to racists
EnergySupports fracking and approval of the Keystone XL pipelineOpposes Keystone XL pipeline
Federal ReserveOpposes Fed's zero interest rate policy and believes the dollar's value should be backed by gold, not government promiseVoted to confirm Janet Yellen, architect of recent Fed policies
TaxesBelieves payroll tax is too high and must be cutWants to expand payroll tax
ObamacareBelieves Obamacare must be repealed and replaced by tax credit for everyone to purchase and control their own health insuranceCalls Obamacare "a great bill"
EducationOpposes "Common Core" federalization of standards that weaken math and English teachingSupports Common Core
Illegal DrugsBelieves legalizing marijuana would be bad for our schools, families, and societyWants to weaken marijuana and cocaine laws
Internet GamblingBelieves it is wrong for the government to further encourage gambling and that Internet gambling and Internet lottery sales should be bannedBelieves New Jersey "acted responsibly" in setting up online gambling
Puerto RicoWants Puerto Rico to become the 51st statePosition unclear
CubaOpposes Castro regime and favors keeping embargo firmly in placePosition unclear